The lemon is a citrus fruit originating from Southern China, where it is worshipped as a symbol of happiness, and has been cultivated in Asia for more than 2,500 years. Once its cultivation extended from China, it reached the land that is known as Iran today. The Arabs are responsible for its dissemination throughout the Mediterranean basin in the 10th century, from the east of Greece to the west of Spain, which has become today the biggest exporter of lemon in the world. Murcia is where the majority of it is cultivated.

It is the fruit with least calories, though one must keep in mind that it is not consumed as a fresh fruit but rather as a juice or condiment: a lemon brings health and tastiness to a variety of dishes.

Its highlights are its Vitamin C, citric acid, astringent substances and potassium contents, the last of which is its most abundant mineral.