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Frutas Poveda

Flavour, tradition and quality

Our love for fruit

Company founded in 1982 in Murcia. Since its creation, Frutas Poveda belongs to the Poveda Nicolás family. The family commenced its activity in the fruit and vegetables sector more than 40 years ago.

At present, the business focus is mainly aimed at large European distribution chains and the expansion of new markets, such as Australia, China, Singapore and United States.

From the tree to your table

Our aim is to satisfy consumers’ needs with the best fruit available at a given time. To this end, we work from the field to the table for each of our customers, offering them fruit that meets their expectations.

Our products Fruit of our dedication

Specialists in lemons
and growing in stone fruit

In La Huerta de Murcia (Orchard of Murcia) citrus fruits are the most abundant crops, together with vegetables, due to which we specialise in lemons of all varieties. Thanks to our own production, we offer high-quality lemons the year round. We also produce a large number of citrus fruit and stone fruit. All treated with the utmost care from the field to guarantee the optimum condition of all our products.

We have all the preparations that currently exist in the national and international market, thereby facilitating their distribution and sale, adapted by the best professionals to each of our customers.

A great family A great company

The numbers behind us

Agricultural productions

Cultivating principles

Our corporate values are: honesty, transparence, integrity and the good work of our team of professionals. To date, these values have enabled us to grow year after year and offer our customers a unique means of communication that generates differentiating and exclusive bonds of trust in our sector.

Our facilities

We have modern facilities with a surface area of 6,000 metres, built in January 2014, for the preparation and packaging of citrus fruit. We have two differentiated lines: non-targeted line and conventional line with cutting-edge technology in electronic calibrators and on-line application and control.

In 2015 we inaugurated facilities with a surface area of more than 2,500 metres for the preparation and packaging of stone fruit with two calibration lines.

Experience Dedication and work

Expanding quality

Our good work, from production to destination, allows us to grow continuously. Our largest volumes are targeted at European distribution, without forgetting wholesalers, importers and traditional markets.

In recent years we have developed new business opportunities with rapidly growing Latin American and Arab countries, although our commercial concerns are also targeted at China, Japan, Australia, United States.

Own production.
Guaranteed safety and peace of mind

All our crops are located in the Region of Murcia and are audited and certified under the major European quality standard: Global GAP. We are also audited and certified in IFS, BRC, Global GAP, GRASP and SMETA, which endorse us from production to final packaging.

We are members of Sedex, a non-profit organisation aimed at enabling improvements in the responsible and ethical commercial practices of supply chains around the world.

Project Energy Efficiency and use of Renewable Energies

Energy Efficiency Project and use of Renewable Energies.

In Frutas Poveda S.A. we are compromised with our commitment to the environment and the achievement of a cleaner and more sustainable economy, helping to promote and encourage energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies through the following projects:

Renewed our calibrator

We have recently renewed our calibrator, achieving the reduction of CO2 emissions in 187,03 annual tonnes.

  • Total  investment: 480,000 €
  • Total grant awarded: 96,000 €
  • Financing coming from the FEDER: 76,000 €

This actions have been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) and the Region of Murcia.

Our objective is to advance in the evaluation and improvement of the energetic efficiency of companies, especially PYMEs.

To achieve a cleaner and more sustainable economy.


Renewable energies:

Self-consumption photovoltaic installation project of 356.4 kWp with zero discharge system

Generating field composed of 1080 solar panels of 330 Wp on the roof of our establishment, adding a total power of 356.4 kWp and a nominal power of 300 kW.

This project is intended to achieve savings of 44 toe and 168.62 tCO2.

  • Grant status: Granted (2019)
  • Total investment to promote renewable energies: 285,120 €
  • Total grant awarded: 95,660 €

Financing from the ERDF – 80%: 76.528 €

Our objective is promotion of the use of renewable energy by companies, particularly SMEs.


Energetic efficiency:

Energy audit Frutas Poveda, S.A.

We have carried out a global energy audit of the establishment to collect information and data on production, consumption, facilities and records of values at significant points of consumption to later analyze this data and propose a series of measures aimed at improving the energy efficiency of the plant.

  • Grant status: Granted (2019)
  • Total investment: 5,900 €
  • Total grant awarded: 3,540 €

Financing from the ERDF – 80%: 2,832 €

Our objective is advance in the evaluation and improvement of the energy efficiency of companies, in particular SMEs.


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